Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lol rp hack

Today I'm gonna give you RP Hack that I make by myself a few months ago.
It takes me really long time to do it, so please be so kind to complete survey before download.

A lot of youtubers and other people claim that they have working hack. I download nearly all of them half of them they was viruses, and the second half just doesnt work at all.

So this is THE REALLY FIRST hack that really works.

Its free to use, but dont add more than 4k rp in 2 weeks bcus RIOT can ban u if u add so big ammount of RP in short time. 4k RP points in 2 weeks is 100% safe and u cant be banned.

RIOT have so many purchases that they cant see if u add RP in this way.

Don't add RP to a lot of accounts. I make IP hider in hack, but RIOT still can find your main account and ban it if you add RP to more than 1 account in 2 weeks.

Hack features:
  • - free to use
  • no password needed
  • - up to 4k RP in 2 weeks !
  • - proxy hacking (hides your ip)

Instruction how to use hack:

  1. Download hack
  2. Type your summoner name (not login).
  3. Choose server from list
  4. Type ammount of RP u want to add
  5. Click add RP
  6. Wait (time for hacking is depends on server ping and your computer resources)
  7. Enjoy!

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